About US

BOTEX DESIGN is a Design Store that focuses on manufacturing and design with deep industry knowledge, technical expertise and market insight. Botex focus on design High-End Product in Hong Kong For "Apple User" and "I fanboys". Combined design, manufacture, customise and retail services of the Handmade masterpieces in one-stop Sales platform.

Our Goal is optimising the long-term value of designs and provide a Sustainable Environment for manufacturers and designers to create their own Storys. We leverage our manufacturing network to find a suitable value for Every designer.

BOTEX©is an Established Quality-Manufacture Brand that inspirations from Humans Need. We are EXPERT and FULL Experienced Manufacturer of Watch/Watch Bracelets with Precious Metal. We make high-quality products with a neat finish, and we do it at a fair price by cutting out all intermediaries.

Our Artisan hold over 40 Years Passion for Premium Quality and High-End Watch Bracelets. 80% of pieces have traded to SWISS and supply to SWISS Watch Brand.BOTEX© will build up a brand for direct Sales from our manufacturers to the community. Work with the artisans to offer the best prices all year round. We are giving our community over their valued possessions and creating a whole new “luxury” experience for humans being who like Apple Watch.

By creating a unique masterpiece for BOTEX©, we research many information for each product line, season, production, material, and so on. Then, match up the luxury markets with affordable price.